BURHAN GAS COMPANY was established in 2013 at Plot No. 176-178-A Small Industrial Estate III, (EPZ) Gujranwala Pakistan. The Company is equipped with the state of art technology and designs approved by professional architects and civil engineers. It has a covered area of 50,000 sq/feet.
BGC is proud to be the pioneer in manufacturing liquid petroleum gas (LPG) composite cylinders in Pakistan. These LPG cylinders are manufactured according to set standards of 1S011119-3 and BS EN 14427. We have a proper R&D and Quality Control Department to ensure stringent Global Standards. Cylinders are further evaluated and inspected with the witness from TUV Inter Cert SAAR and ECM Italy.
The Management owns diverse and dynamic experiences in natural gas industry sectors and has been extensively contributing to their research and development work at national and international forums. BGC considers its valued customer as its family members and shareholders of it, which is reflected by its economical and eco-friendly units and products.
The BGC plant structure is a reflection of modern technological designs which are based on imported and highly sophisticated materials from various countries and are efficiently installed to ensure the high levels of effectiveness and performance of work. The high quality of fiberglass and HDPE are sumptuously used in plants for LPG gas tanks. Cylinders are manufactured according to national and international demands and strict criteria have to follow in quality to ensure safety and an eco-friendly environment.

We are committed to quality, safety and innovative solutions that add value to our customers and reduce our carbon footprint.

At Burhan Gas Company, our technology sets us apart from the competition. We harness the power of advanced fiber composite materials, carefully engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring maximum safety and durability for our customers. Our cylinders are not only lightweight, making them easy to transport and handle, but also incredibly robust, offering unparalleled protection against potential hazards.

We recognize the urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly solutions. Our fiber composite LPG cylinders are a testament to our dedication to sustainability. By utilizing lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, we have significantly reduced the energy consumption required during manufacturing and transportation, making a positive impact on the planet.

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