Here are key features of Burhan Gas Company’s Cylinders that will let you know why it is necessary to use our Cylinders.

Light Weight

BGC Cylinders are user friendly due to its design and 50% lighter than conventional cylinder.

Explosion Proof

BGC Cylinders quality assures 100% safety from explosion. Highly safe composite material does not blast unlike metal cylinders.

Easy to Handle

Handling of BGC composite Cylinder is much easier due to its light weight. Empty cylinder tare weight is 5kg.

Corrosion Proof

BGC Composite Cylinder is corrosion free because it doesn’t leave stain on kitchen floor or anywhere else, and never corrode even in humid or coastal areas.

UV Resistant

BGC Cylinder is UV resistant to effects from sun, rain and temperature variations and handling.

Aesthetically Appealing

BGC Cylinder can be customised as per customer preferences and requirements. You can choose the color, brand etc.

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