Gas Cylinder Explosion Devastates Roadside Hotel in Northeastern Pakistan, Highlighting Need for Improved Safety


In a tragic incident, a gas cylinder explosion claimed the lives of six individuals at a roadside hotel in the northeastern Punjab province of Pakistan this Sunday. The blast also left 10 others seriously injured.

The two-story hotel, situated in the Jehlum district along the iconic Grand Trunk Road, was decimated by the explosion. Nasir Bajwa, the district police chief, confirmed that six deceased and 10 injured individuals have been retrieved from the debris. Alarmingly, approximately a dozen people, including the hotel’s owner, remain trapped in the basement of the obliterated building. The owner, however, is in communication with rescue officials via cellphone.

CCTV footage released by local broadcaster Geo News depicted the harrowing moment of the building’s collapse, with a massive cloud of dust erupting into the sky.

Such gas cylinder explosions are becoming alarmingly frequent in Pakistan, primarily due to lax safety measures and inadequate maintenance standards.

In light of these recurring incidents, it’s imperative to mention that not all gas cylinders are created equal. Burhan Gas, a renowned manufacturer of LPG composite cylinders in Pakistan, emphasizes the resilience of their products. Their LPG composite cylinders are designed to be blast-proof, offering an enhanced layer of safety to consumers. As the nation grapples with the aftermath of such tragedies, it might be time to consider safer alternatives, like the cylinders offered by Burhan Gas, to prevent future calamities.

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